Sunday, January 10, 2010

Your New Account

Feed My Inbox - Confirm your feed


Today we launched an all-new version of Feed My Inbox. Since you have an account, we wanted to pass along some important information and tell you about all the cool new features that are now available.

You have a new password
Moving to an all-new system behind-the-scenes means we had to reset all account passwords to keep your personal information 100% secure.

Here is your new temporary account login:

Login Here -
Email Address -
Password - 1NF8kXBh

Upon logging in for the first time, you will be asked to change your password to something unique that only you know.

Your Plan
You are currently subscribed to five or fewer feeds.
Your account will continue to be free and will function as usual. If you would be interested in some of the advanced new features below or would like to subscribe to more than five feeds, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial of any paid account by upgrading.
New Paid Account Features
Real-time updates - You have the choice of getting emails as they happen, or continue receiving updates no more than once per day.
HTML/text format - Choose whether you would like to receive updates in HTML (fancy) or plain text format for each feed.
Email summary options - Instead of getting the full update, you can choose to receive a brief summary of each or titles only and a link to read more.
Customize the send time - Choose what time you would like emails to be sent to you each day.
Read about all of the new features along with detailed pricing options on the new website:
We thank you for being a customer and sincerely hope that Feed My Inbox continues to be a useful service for you!
If you have any, simply reply to this email for help.
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